Philip Evergood


Philip Howard Francis Dixon Evergood (born Howard Blashki; 1901–1973) was an American Social Realist painter, etcher, lithographer, sculptor, illustrator and writer. He was particularly active during the Depression and World War II era.

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Born Philip Blashki in New York City, but was raised and educated in England. He returned to New York in the 1930s and worked as a muralist for the WPA (1934-1938). He was considered a social realist painter and he was politically active, his works often based on social themes. Later in his career, his work became less political and based more on fantasy and dreams.

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United States


Artist, graphic artist, illustrator, muralist, painter, sculptor

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Philip Evergood, Howard Francis Blashki, Philip Blashki, Howard Francis Dixon, Philip Howard Evergood, Philip Howard Francis Evergood

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