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1946 Annual Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting
Dec 10, 1946–Jan 16, 1947

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Darrel Austin
Jane Berlandina
Raymond Breinin
Marc Chagall
Francis Colburn
Russell Cowles
Virginia Cuthbert
Salvador Dalí
Eleanor De Laittre
Joseph De Martini
Harry Dix
Terence R. Duren
Max Ernst
Sylvia Fein
James Fitzgerald
Vaughn Flannery
Karl E. Fortess
Seymour Franks
Martin Friedman
Norma S. Fried
Jean Guerin
William E. Hentschel
John Langley Howard
Lee Jackson
Edward Powis Jones
Wendell Jones
Doris Lee
Henrik Martin Mayer
Edward Melcarth
Knud Merrild
Johannes Molzahn
B. J. O. Nordfeldt
Amédée Ozenfant
Alton Pickens
Robert O. Preusser
Constance C. Richardson
Felix Ruvolo
Josef Scharl
Zoltan Sepeshy
Miron Sokole
Vincent Spagna
Rufino Tamayo
Margaret Tomkins
Joseph P. Vorst
Esther Williams
Reginald Wilson

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