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1951 Annual Exhibition of Contemporary American Sculpture, Watercolors and Drawings
Mar 17–May 6, 1951

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Roger Anliker
Kit Barker
Gertrude Barrer
Oliver O’Connor Barrett
C. Ludwig Brumme
Albino Cavallito
Glenn Chamberlain
Frank Di Gioia
Henry Di Spirito
Jules Engel
Oronzo Gasparo
Maurice Glickman
Vincent Glinsky
Maurice Golubov
Aaron J. Goodelman
Lorrie Goulet
Fannie Hillsmith
John Hovannes
John Langley Howard
Robert B. Howard
Randolph W. Johnston
Ynez Johnston
Wesley Lea
Eleanore Lockspeiser
Erle Loran
John W. McCoy
Burr Miller
Ernest Mundt
Juan Nickford
Nuala (Elsa De Brun)
Richard O’Hanlon
Dimitri Petrov
Ogden M. Pleissner
Sara Provan
Savo Radulovic
Waldemar Raemisch
Grace Raney
Henry Rox
Robert I. Russin
Hannah Small
Sibley Smith
Ary Stillman
Henry Strater
Charles Umlauf
Sam Weinik

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