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1941 Annual Exhibition of Contemporary American Sculpture, Watercolors, Drawings and Prints
Jan 15–Feb 19, 1941

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Mary Hoover Aiken
H. Oliver Albright
Carlos Andreson
Vera Andrus
Marianne Appel
Rainey Bennett
Otto Botto
Raymond Breinin
Nathaniel C. Burwash
Harry Poole Camden
Page Cary
Albino Cavallito
Cornelia Van A. Chapin
Lydia Cooley
Lee Brown Coye
Philbrick Crouch
Horace Day
Harry Dix
Erwin F. Frey
Oronzo Gasparo
Marshall Glasier
Harry Glassgold
Maurice Glickman
Gertrude Goodrich
Hardie Gramatky
Waylande Gregory
Maurice Grosser
John Groth
Adlai S. Hardin
Perkins Harnly
John Hovannes
Wendell Jones
Walt Killam
Gina Knee
Josef Lenhard
Thomas G. Lo Medico
John Lonergan
Jack Markow
Karl Mattern
McCullough Miller
Frances Mallory Morgan
Eugene Morley
Kornig Nalbandian
Ogden M. Pleissner
Leslie Powell
Mac Raboy
Sanford Ross
Charles Rudy
Antonio Salemme
Isaac J. Sanger
Eugenie Shonnard
Louis Slobodkin
Alexander Stoller
Byron Thomas
Laurence Tompkins
Ernest Walker
Marion Walton
Heinz Warneke
Vally Wieselthier
Arline Wingate
Meyer Wolfe
Art Young

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In the News

"While the annual that opened last week at the Whitney Museum may be thought to contain little sculpture of transcendent significance, much of the plastic work is nevertheless very ably done, and there are pieces - quite a few, in fact - that ought to reinforce reputations long established." —The New York Times



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