Images and Permissions

To request permissions and obtain an image held by the Whitney Museum, please contact Scala Archives. This includes requests for works in the Whitney’s Permanent Collection, archival materials, and installation images. If the image you are seeking is not included on Scala’s website, send an email with the object information to

To submit a request to Scala Archives, please contact:

Scala Group S.p.A.
via Chiantigiana 62
50012 Bagno a Ripoli (FI), Italy
t +39 055 62 33 200
f +39 055 64 11 24

If you are an artist, or an artist's representative, and are hoping to receive documentation of your work at the Whitney Museum for archival purposes, please contact

For additional information about Whitney image policies, please refer to the Museum's terms and conditions.

If you have questions regarding this information, please contact

The Whitney Museum cannot grant permission or supply images for works from other collections or institutions.

Last updated January 8, 2019

Reproduction of Works by Edward Hopper and Josephine Hopper

The Whitney has the right to license all copyrights held by Edward and Josephine Hopper at the time of their deaths, other than those that have subsequently entered the public domain. (The artists may also have conveyed certain Hopper copyrights to third parties before their deaths.) Requests for licenses to reproduce Hopper works should be directed to Artists Rights Society (ARS), which has been engaged by the Whitney to administer these rights.

To submit a request to ARS, please contact:

Artists Rights Society (ARS)
65 Bleecker Street, 12th floor
New York, New York 10012
t (212) 420-9160
f (212) 420-9286

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Museum allow photography or videotaping?
Photography for personal, non-commercial use is permitted in the galleries. The use of flash, tripods and selfie sticks is prohibited. Personal videography is prohibited. For Commercial filming and photography requests, please visit our Commercial Filming and Photography page for more information. All editorial film- and photo-shoot requests must be directed to the Press Office. Unless posted otherwise, photography of temporary exhibitions or borrowed works of art is permitted.

I would like to buy a reproduction of a painting I like. Where can I find it?
For information on what works are available, please visit the Whitney Museum Shop.

How do I obtain your current fee schedule?
Please contact Scala Archives for the fee schedule.

How do I get permission to reprint text from Whitney publications?
Contact the Copyright Clearance Center, which handles reprint and photocopy permissions on behalf of the Whitney. Please include the title of the publication or ISBN/ISSN, author, essay or chapter titles as well as page references to facilitate your request. 

Copyright Clearance Center
222 Rosewood Drive
Danvers, MA 01923
t (978) 750-8400
f (978) 646-8600

What is reproduction authorization, and why do I need to contact a licensing agency?
Although the Museum may own a specific piece, the artist or their estate may be represented by an agency that specifically oversees the artist’s copyright. If an image on the website includes ARS in the caption, then copyright permissions clearance must be obtained through the agency before the Whitney can agree to the publication of a particular image.