1940 Annual Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting
Nov 27, 1940–Jan 8, 1941

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A. S. Baylinson
Saul Berman
Harold Black
Manuel Bromberg
Edith Bry
Francis Chapin
Russell Cowles
Horace Day
Olin Dows
Yvonne Du Bois
Vaughn Flannery
Oronzo Gasparo
Marshall Glasier
Elenora Kissel
Michael Klein
Lawrence H. Lebduska
Doris Lee
Frank London
George Marinko
William Ashby McCloy
Patrick Morgan
Frank Osborn
Joseph Pandolfini
Harold Rabinovitz
Edna Reindel
Patsy Santo
Saul Schary
Zoltan Sepeshy
Daniel Serra
Henrietta Shore
Clyde Singer
Chuzo Tamotzu
Manuel J. Tolegian
Joseph P. Vorst
Esther Williams

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"It goes without saying that the exhibition is alive with contrasts. A Whitney annual can always be counted upon for that virtue."  —The New York Times



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