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1944 Annual Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting
Nov 14–Dec 12, 1944

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Conrad A. Albrizio
Harold Black
Raymond Breinin
Russell Cowles
Joseph De Martini
Yvonne Du Bois
Sylvia Fein
Douglas W. Gorsline
Norbert Heermann
Alexandre Hogue
Eric Isenburger
Lee Jackson
Hilde Kayn
Lawrence H. Lebduska
James Lechay
Doris Lee
Mac Le Sueur
Erle Loran
Dan Lutz
Theodore Lux
Joseph Meert
Edward Melcarth
James Patrick
Albert Pels
Karl Priebe
Constance C. Richardson
Samuel Rosenberg
Felix Ruvolo
Patsy Santo
Saul Schary
Antoinette Schulte
William Schwartz
Cordray Simmons
Margaret Stark
Algot Stenbery
William Thoeny
Paul Ullman
Esther Williams
Stark Young

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