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1937 Annual Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting
Nov 10–Dec 12, 1937

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Conrad A. Albrizio
Edward Biberman
Ilse Bischoff
Edgar Britton
George Byron-Browne
Robert O. Chadeayne
Francis Chapin
Gladys Rockmore Davis
Lew E. Davis
John Flolinsbee
Karl E. Fortess
Theodore G. Haupt
Charles Trumbo Henry
Alexandre Hogue
Nora Houston
Waldo Kaufer
Frederic Knight
Lawrence H. Lebduska
Erle Loran
Antonio P. Martino
Paul Meltsner
Dudley Morris
John C. Pellew
Biagio Pinto
Edna Reindel
Francis Speight
Manuel J. Tolegian
Stuyvesant Van Veen

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