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Annual Exhibition 1960: Contemporary Sculpture and Drawings
Dec 7, 1960–Jan 22, 1961

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Albert Alcalay
James Boynton
Morris Brose
Cosmo Campoli
Robert Cremean
John Dobbs
Ethel Edwards
Walter Erlebacher
Kahlil Gibran
Maurice Glickman
Joseph Goto
Richard Kamm
Louise Kruger
Lillian Landis
David Levine
Ronald Markman
Nicholas Marsicano
Tom Morin
Roy Moyer
Richard O’Hanlon
Robert Osborn
Richard Gorman Powers
Roger Prince
Albert Radoczy
Edward Renouf
Abe Satoru
Walter Stein
Joseph Stephanelli
Richard Sussman
Marie Taylor
Jane Teller
Jack Zajac

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