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1957 Annual Exhibition: Sculpture, Paintings, Watercolors
Nov 20, 1957–Jan 12, 1958

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In the News

“While there is as always sterling work both in abstract and representational fields in the Whitney show, there also are some canvases making a dubious contribution—either because they have little to offer beyond size and initial impact, or because they offer little except experiment in sheer technique, or because they are just too much like a great deal that has been seen before . . .” —The New York Times

“The increase [in size of the exhibition], however, is limited [. . .] to size rather than to quality in general; for while there are, as usual, some fine things in the show, the dominant extreme abstract work in the painting section presents little that is new, sensitive, sure and much that is too much alike, over-large, brash and tending toward mere decorative use of color.” —The New York Times



A 30-second online art project:
Ryan Kuo, Hateful Little Thing

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