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1956 Annual Exhibition of Contemporary American Sculpture, Watercolors and Drawings
Apr 18–June 10, 1956

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Herb Aach
Malcolm Gordon Anderson
Oliver Andrews
Ruth Armer
Virginia Banks
Dusti Bonge
Chen Chi
Robert Cronbach
Roger L. Crossgrove
Noel Davis
Henry Di Spirito
Ethel Edwards
Fred Farr
Berenice Feinstein
Josh Fendell
Paul Frazier
Adomas Galdikas
John Hartell
Robert B. Howard
Ynez Johnston
Robert Kabak
Louise Kruger
Maurice A. Lapp
James Lechay
Charles LeClair
Simon Levine
Richard Lidner
Beatrice Mandelman
Helen Marshall
Harry Marinsky
John W. McCoy
J. Jay McVicker
Lee Mullican
Juan Nickford
Elizabeth Olds
Ogden M. Pleissner
George Ratkai
Daniel Rhodes
Henry Rox
Robert I. Russin
Charles Schucker
Sonia Sekula
Rene Shapshak
Sidney Simon
Dorothy Sturm
Charles Umlauf
Jack Zuckerman

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