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1955 Annual Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting
Nov 9, 1955–Jan 8, 1956

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Samuel Adler
Albert Alcalay
Takeshi Asada
Claude Bentley
Ernestine Betsberg
Elie Borgrave
Colleen Browning
Herman Cherry
Willard W. Cummings
Robert D’Arista
Shizuko Fujimoto
Byron Goto
John Gregoropoulos
Fannie Hillsmith
Earl Kerkam
Robert Keyser
James C. Leong
Israel Litwak
Eugene Massin
Sigmund Menkes
Alton Pickens
Rudolf Ray
Wallace Reiss
Franklin Robbins
Herbert Saslow
David Sawin
Charles Schucker
Walter Stein
Stanley D. Tasker
Howard Thomas
Stanley Twardowicz

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