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Jacques Lipchitz (22 August [O.S. 10 August] 1891 – 26 May 1973) was a Lithuanian-born French-American Cubist sculptor. Lipchitz retained highly figurative and legible components in his work leading up to 1915–16, after which naturalist and descriptive elements were muted, dominated by a synthetic style of Crystal Cubism. In 1920 Lipchitz held his first solo exhibition, at Léonce Rosenberg's Galerie L'Effort Moderne in Paris where he was counted as part of the School of Paris. Fleeing the Nazis he moved to the US and settled in New York City and eventually Hastings-on-Hudson. While in the US, he created a number of his best-known works, including the outdoor sculptures The Song of the Vowels, Birth of the Muses, and Bellerophon Taming Pegasus, the last of which was completed after his death.

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Jacques Lipchitz, Jacques Lipschitz, Jakoff Lipchitz, Zák Lifshits, Žak Lifshits, Chaim Jacob Lipchitz, Chaïm Jacob Lipchitz, Jakoff Lipschitz, Chaim Jakob Lipsic, Žak Lipšic, lipschitz, jacques lipschitz

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