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1950 Annual Exhibition of Contemporary American Sculpture, Watercolors and Drawings
Apr 1–May 28, 1950

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Humbert Albrizio
Oliver O’Connor Barrett
Clay Bartlett
John Begg
Johnfried G. Bergschneider
Raymond Breinin
C. Ludwig Brumme
Martin Craig
Robert Cronbach
Eleanor De Laittre
Henry Di Spirito
Fred Farr
Vera Frasier
Arnold Geissbuhler
Maurice Glickman
Aaron J. Goodelman
Lorrie Goulet
John Groth
Ernest Guteman
John Hartell
Fannie Hillsmith
Willard Hirsch
John Hovannes
Robert B. Howard
Randolph W. Johnston
Dwight Kirsch
Guitou Knoop
Frances Kent Lamont
Chet La More
Wesley Lea
James Lechay
Jacob Lipkin
Burr Miller
Mark Morrison
Juan Nickford
Augustus Peck
Louise Pershing
Geri Pine
Ogden M. Pleissner
Edward Rager
Benjamin Rowland
Henry Rox
Charles Salerno
Zoltan Sepeshy
Samuel Shawan
Ary Stillman
Charles Umlauf
Marion Walton
Heinz Warneke

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