David Burliuk


David Davidovich Burliuk (Дави́д Дави́дович Бурлю́к; 21 July 1882 – 15 January 1967) was a Russian poet, artist and publicist of Ukrainian origin associated with the Futurist and Neo-Primitivist movements. Burliuk has been described as "the father of Russian Futurism."

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Artist, art critic, art dealer, collagist, curator, decorative painter, designer, editor, graphic artist, illustrator, manufacturer, painter, poet, writer

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David Burlyuk, David Davidovitsj Boerljoek, David Davidowitsj Boerljoek, David Bourliouk, Burliuk, David Davidovitch Burliuk, Dav. Dav. Burli︠u︡k, David Burli︠u︡k, David Davidovich Burli︠u︡k, David Burljuk, David Davidovic Burljuk, David Davidowitsch Burljuk, David Davidovich Burlyuk, David Davidovich Burliuk, Давид Бурлюк, דאוויד בורליוק

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