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First Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting
Nov 22, 1932–Jan 5, 1933

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Jean Crawford Adams
Dewey Albinson
Emil Armin
A. S. Baylinson
Jo Cain
Florence Ballin Cramer
Stephen Etnier
Frances Foy
Kenneth Frasier
Davenport Griffen
Charles Hopkinson
Frederic Knight
Doris Lee
Hayley Lever
A. F. Levinson
Jonas Lie
William H. Littlefield
Charles Logasa
Gari Melchers
Willard Nash
Otis Oldfield
Sam Ostrowsky
Theresa Pollak
W. Vladimir Rousseff
Saul Schary
Anatol Shulkin
Francis Speight
Chuzo Tamotzu
Carroll Tyson
Laura Van Pappelendam
Stanley Wood

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