Alexander Archipenko


Alexander Porfyrovych Archipenko (also referred to as Olexandr, Oleksandr, or Aleksandr; Ukrainian: Олександр Порфирович Архипенко, romanized: Oleksandr Porfyrovych Arkhypenko; May 30 [O.S. May 18] 1887 – February 25, 1964) was a Ukrainian-American avant-garde artist, sculptor, and graphic artist, active in France and the United States. He was one of the first to apply the principles of Cubism to architecture, analyzing human figure into geometrical forms.

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Artist, collagist, designer, lecturer, manufacturer, painter, pastelist, photographer, sculptor

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Alexander Archipenko, Aleksandr Archipenko, Archipenko, Aleksandr Porfirevic Archipenko, Alexandre Archipenko, Aleksandr Porfirevich Arkhipenko, Oleksander Porfyrovych Arkhypenko, Aleksandr Arkhīpenko

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