Horace Pippin


  • The Whitney's Collection: Selections from 1900 to 1965, Kids

    Horace Pippin, The Buffalo Hunt, 1933

    Horace Pippin, The Buffalo Hunt, 1933


    Narrator: At first glance, this winter landscape may appear almost empty: a tree, snow drifts, and a gloomy gray sky. But the painting’s title, Buffalo Hunt invites you to look more carefully. In the lower right, you can make out the shaggy outline of a roughly painted buffalo or two. Forms in the lower left seem like they could be hunting dogs. And hunched below the tree, there’s a silhouette of a crouching man carrying a rifle. Horace Pippin’s loose, almost abstract approach to the scene makes it seem like a dream, a memory, or a symbol of something larger. He leaves the painting open to interpretation—inviting us to think for ourselves about what the scene might mean.

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