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Layered Landscape

At first glance, this winter landscape may appear almost empty: a tree, snow drifts, and a gloomy gray sky. But the painting’s title, The Buffalo Hunt, invites you to look more carefully. Can you see a buffalo encircled by dogs and a hunter perched behind a hill? Horace Pippin’s loose, almost abstract approach to the scene makes it seem like a dream, a memory, or a symbol of something larger. He invites us to think for ourselves about what the scene might mean.

Use your memory of a place, or your imagination to create a layered landscape collage. Will you include animals? Figures? Something else? Find pictures in magazines or online. Think about what will happen in your scene. Cut or rip pieces of white or colored paper and glue or tape them onto a sheet of paper. Build up your collage layer by layer to add depth to your landscape.

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Horace Pippin, The Buffalo Hunt, 1933. Oil on canvas, 21 5/16 × 31 5/16 in. (54.1 × 79.5 cm). Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; purchase 41.27



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