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Bradley Eros


Bradley Eros (born in 1952 in Fairfield, Illinois) is an experimental film director, actor, curator, poet, and performance artist who also makes Musique concrète sound collages, music videos, photographs, live projection performances, works on paper and art objects.

His work has been presented in multiple screenings and exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art, and the Whitney Museum of American Art, including the 2004 Whitney Biennial, and is in the permanent collection of the museum. He has also created dozens of ‘zines, posters, soundtracks and unique artist’s books. He is represented by Microscope Gallery in New York City and is known for his work in the field of contracted cinema.

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Eros work has integrated body or performance art with film and video projection. He also seeks to create expanded cinematic performances involving variable-speed or multiple projectors, a variety of lenses, gels, and masking, or live sound mixing. Eros is also co-founder of the Robert Beck Memorial Cinema, a well-regarded exhibition venue for experimental film and video.

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Artist, curator, photographer

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Bradley Eros

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