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Mary Hildegard Ruth Bauermeister (7 September 1934 – 2 March 2023) was a German artist who worked in sculpture, drawing, installation, performance, and music. Influenced by Fluxus artists and Nouveau Réalisme, her work addresses esoteric issues of how information is transferable through society. "I only followed an inner drive to express what was not yet there, in reality or thought", she said of her practice. "To make art was more a finding, searching process than a knowing." Beginning in the 1970s, her work concentrated on the themes surrounding New Age spirituality, specifically geomancy, the divine interpretation of lines on the ground.

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She played a role in the development of the freewheeling performance art of the 1960s avant-garde by providing a venue for artists and experimental musicians in the open house she kept in an attic studio in Cologne in 1960 and 1961. She was an active assemblage artist.

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Artist, assemblage artist, collagist, installation artist, landscape architect, painter, performance artist, sculptor

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Mary Bauermeister, Mary Hilde Bauermeister, Mary Hilde Ruth Bauermeister

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