Frederick Kiesler


Frederick Jacob Kiesler (September 22, 1890 – December 27, 1965) was an Austrian-American architect, theoretician, theater designer, artist and sculptor.

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Kiesler worked with the architect Adolf Loos (1870-1933) in Vienna in 1920. He joined the Dutch de Stijl group with Van Doesberg, J.P. Oud and Mondrian in Leyden, Netherlands, in 1923. Kiesler emigrated to the United States in 1926; he was naturalized in 1936. Kiesler changed the spelling of his first name, Friedrich, to Frederick when he emigrated to the United States. Kiesler worked in partnership with Harvey Wiley Corbett in New York in 1926-1928. In 1930, he founded the architectural firm The Planners Institute, which was incorporated in 1934. He also worked with Armand Bastos, as Kiesler and Bartos, in New York from 1957 until his death. American architect, theater designer, sculptor; emigrated from Vienna in 1926.

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Artist, architect, author, designer, furniture designer, lithographer, painter, scenographer, sculptor, writer

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Frederick Kiesler, Frederick John Kiesler, Frederich Kiesler, Frederick J. Kiesler, Fredrich John Kiesler, Friedrich Kiesler, Frédéric Kiesler, Fredriḳ Ḳisler

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