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Morehshin Allahyari

Morehshin Allahyari is an artist, activist, and educator whose work deals with the political, social, and cultural contradictions we face every day. She uses technology as a philosophical toolset to reflect on objects and as a poetic means to document personal and collective life struggles in the 21st century. Her 3D prints of sculptural reconstructions of ancient artifacts destroyed by ISIS, titled Material Speculation: ISIS, have been exhibited worldwide.


Morehshin Allahyari (Persian: موره شین اللهیاری; born 1985) is an Iranian media artist, activist, and writer based in New York. Her work questions current political, socio-cultural, and gender norms, particularly exploring the relationship between technology, history, and art activism. Allahyari’s artworks include 3D-printed objects, videos, experimental animation, web art, and publications. As a 2017 Research Resident at Eyebeam, Allahyari also worked on the concept of "Digital Colonialism"; a term she has coined since 2015.

She is known for her projects Material Speculation: ISIS (2015–2016), which is a series of 3D-printed sculptural reconstructions of ancient artifacts destroyed by ISIS (2015–2016); She Who Sees The Unknown (2017–2020), The 3D Additivist Manifesto and Cookbook (2015–2016).

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