Andrew Masullo


  • Fast Forward: Painting from the 1980s

    Andrew Masullo, 1667, 1988

    Andrew Masullo, 1667, 1988


    Andrew Masullo: Oil paint’s rich. The colors are rich, and it feels rich, and you can take your time.

    Narrator: Artists have to take their time with oil paint, because it dries slowly. Andrew Masullo.

    Andrew Masullo: I don’t run out of ideas with oil paint. You know, something’s really wet and it has to be put away. I’ve tried acrylics in the past, and things dry so quickly that I put stuff down and it’s all dried, and I can keep going―but I have nothing to keep going on; I’m running on fumes and everything looks awful. It’s much better to do some and then have to put it away, and sort of feel this little heartache like “oh, I don’t want to put this away right now, because I do kind of think I might know what I want to do next.” But I’m forced to put it away, which is a good thing, because then I can take it out and it’s completely fresh again once I look at it. Hopefully completely fresh again!

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