Ed McGowin


Ed McGowin (born 1938) is an American painter and sculptor based in New York City. Throughout his career, McGowin has produced works in a wide variety of media that have been installed and exhibited in galleries, museums and public spaces. He has taught at institutions such as the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design, the University of Southern Mississippi, and the State University of New York system. The first major publication of his work, Name Change: One Artist – Twelve Personas – Thirty Five Years, was published by the Mobile Museum of Art in 2006 and distributed by the University Press of Mississippi.

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Artist, painter, sculptor

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Ed McGowin, Isaac Noel Anderson, Thornton Modestus Dossett, Thorton Modestus Dossett, Euri Ignatius Everpure, Alva Isaiah Fost, Nathan Ellis McDuff, William Edward McGowin, Nicholas Gregory Nazianzen, Melvill Douglas O'Connor, Lawrence Steven Orlean, Irby Benjamin Roy, Edward Everett Updike, Ingram Andrew Young

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