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Michal Rovner (Hebrew: מיכל רובנר; born 1957), also known as Michal Rovner Hammer, is an Israeli contemporary artist, she is known for her video, photo, and cinema artwork. Rovner is internationally known with exhibitions at major museums, including the Louvre (2011) and the Whitney Museum of American Art (2002).

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In order to express the intensity of her personal experience adequately but in terms general enough to apply to the broader human condition, Rovner often marries photography, video, digital art, and painting in a mélange that ignores traditional categories of medium and process. This technological fluency helps her generate pictures of unusual authority and resonance: fusions of the real and the imaginary as familiar as scenes in our own dreams and just as spare, haunting, and, ultimately, elusive.

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Artist, painter, photographer, sculptor, video artist

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Michal Rovner, Mikhal Rovner

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