American Artist

American Artist is an interdisciplinary artist whose work considers Black labor and visibility, as well as anti-blackness within networked life and digital systems. Their work includes video, installation, new media, and writing, and their legal name change to American Artist serves as an ambivalent foundation for their practice. It insists on blackness as descriptive of an American artist, and at the same time erases identity in virtual spaces where “American Artist” is an anonymous name, unable to be googled or validated by a computer as a person’s name.


American Artist (born 1989) is a contemporary artist working in new media, video, installation and writing. They legally changed their name to American Artist in 2013, in order to re-contextualize the definition of the term "American artist"—at once taking on the name of an anonymous term while becoming the embodiment of its meaning. Their work, in Artist's words, focuses on themes surrounding "blackness, being, and resistance in the context of networked virtual life."

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