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Dorr Hodgson Bothwell (May 3, 1902 – September 24, 2000) was an American artist, designer, educator, and world-traveler. A varied artist, Bothwell was considered a part of the Bay Area Surrealist artist scene and has paintings, drawings, collages, and prints in notable museums throughout the world. She was particularly known for her innovative use of serigraphy as a fine art form. Born in San Francisco, California, and later raised in San Diego, California, Bothwell knew from the age of 4 that she wanted to be an artist. As a teenager, she studied dance at the Ratliff School for Dancing. Her art career began at the California School of Fine Arts (now the San Francisco Art Institute) in 1921 under the tutelage of Gottardo Piazzoni and Rudolph Schaeffer. Bothwell was married to sculptor Donal Hord in 1932 but divorced shortly after likely due to her independence in traveling and difference of opinion on "domestic duties".

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Artist, etcher, graphic artist, muralist, painter

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Dorr Bothwell, Doris Hodgson Bothwell, Dorr Hodgson Bothwell

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