Barkley L. Hendricks


Barkley L. Hendricks (April 16, 1945 – April 18, 2017) was a contemporary American painter who made pioneering contributions to Black portraiture and conceptualism. While he worked in a variety of media and genres throughout his career (from photography to landscape painting), Hendricks' best known work took the form of life-sized painted oil portraits of Black Americans.

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Hendricks’s work appeared in “Black Male: Representations of Masculinity in Contemporary American Art” at the Whitney Museum of American Art in 1994. He is best known for his portraits of the 1960s-early 1980s. A retrospective of his work was mounted at the Nasher Museum of Art in 2008. His work is included in the collections of the Whitney Museum, the Studio Museum in Harlem, the Columbus Museum of Art, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Ulrich Museum at Wichita State University, Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts, and the Tate Modern, London.


Artist, painter, photographer

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Barkley L. Hendricks, Barkley Hendricks

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