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Marc Lafia (born November 21, 1955) is a multidisciplinary artist, filmmaker, photographer, writer, educator, and information architect. He is known for his contributions to the intersection of art, film, and technology. Lafia’s works explore computation and the impact of network culture on media, communication, and the self.

Lafia’s commissioned films and multi-screen computational installations have been featured in the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; the Walker Art Center, Minnesota; the Tate Online: Intermedia Art; Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie (ZKM), Karlsruhe, Germany; NTT InterCommunication Center (ICC), Tokyo, Japan; and Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France.

Both a practitioner and critic of new media and computation, Marc Lafia founded, a net-based archive and exploratorium of contemporary art and culture, in 1998. amounted to one of the first art-oriented archival tools of the early internet age and brought Lafia notable recognition in the arts community after winning SXSW’s Best in Show award in 2000.

As a visual artist, Lafia has focused on the mediums of drawing, painting, sculpting, and photography. Lafia’s photographic works are located in real and material exhibition galleries around the world, as well as in non-local emergent net galleries. Lafia has exhibited multiple works in China, starting with his solo show Eternal Sunshine at the Minsheng Museum, the Shenzhen Sculpture Biennale, the Guangdong Museum of Art, and Shanghai’s BANK Gallery.

As a performance artist, Lafia has directed and produced several stage pieces. He is known for blending visual projections, music and recordings, and dance. Lafia’s most notable performance pieces include Everything is Everything and There is Nothing Else (2019) and The Practicing Human (2023). Through narratives that span several years and time periods, Lafia's performance pieces explore temporal perceptions across cultures and investigate how diverse concepts of time shape worldviews, social dynamics, and collectivity.

Marc Lafia has lectured and taught courses and graduate seminars on film directing, acting for the camera, new media art practices, philosophy, and methods at Stanford University; San Francisco Art Institute; California Institute of the Arts; Pratt Institute of Design; Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California; New York Film Academy; and Columbia University. Lafia’s essays on the topics of new media art, computational cinema, and the nature of the image have been published in Artforum International, Digital Creativity,, and Film and Philosophy Journal. He has also published three books with Punctum Books: Image Photograph (2015), Everyday Cinema (2017), and The Event of Art (2020).

Marc Lafia resides in Brooklyn, New York.

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