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Edward Hopper, Early Sunday Morning | Video in American Sign Language

An educator discusses Early Sunday Morning by Edward Hopper in the exhibition Where We Are: Selections from the Whitney’s Collection, 1900–1960.

Hopper is known as twentieth-century American Realist and his paintings are fundamentally representational. Although, he often infuses his imagination into his work. This work demonstrates his emphasis on simplified forms, painterly surfaces, and studiously constructed compositions. This is one of Hopper's most iconic paintings. It's a depiction of 7th Ave in New York City. One example of his imagination is his creation of long shadows that would never fall along 7th Ave which runs North/South. He has reduced the New York City street to bare essentials by way of illegible letting in the windows, and half drawn curtains. These details serve to pique our curiosity. However this painting does evoke a certain feeling calmness–but CHARGED–ready to be populated.



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