Andy Deck: Screening Circle


Andy Deck's Screening Circle adapts the cultural tradition of the quilting circle into an online format. Visitors to the site can enter the drawing area to compose loops of graphics and affect and edit each other's screens. The pieces can be made by one person or by several people and the arrangement of the segments can be haphazard or precise. In the screening area, the resulting motion graphics will be on view instantaneously. The "circle" invoked in the title refers to the circle of participants, and, indirectly, to the loop of images that are produced. "Screening" refers to the pre-viewing of film in the film making process. It is a form of viewing that allows people to have some influence over the final product.

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Screening Circle is the third in a series of three works co-commissioned in collaboration with Tate Online. Critical texts and video interviews with the artists will accompany the works at Tate.


Andy Deck specializes in Internet art and has been at the forefront of
 aesthetic research into the creative possibilities of the Internet as a 
medium. His work addresses the politics and aesthetics of collaboration, 
interactivity, software, and independent media. At his website
 ARTCONTEXT.NET, Deck combines code, text, and image to demonstrate new 
patterns of participation and control that distinguish online presence and
 representation from previous artistic practices. He is also a co-founder 
of Transnational Temps, an arts collective concerned with making Earth Art
 for the 21st Century. Included in the ground-breaking European EcoMedia
 exhibitions, the group went on in 2010 to mount the exhibition 
Spill»Forward in response to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Deck's works have been shown in numerous online exhibitions and at venues 
such as the ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe; Museum of Contemporary 
Art, Barcelona; Machida City Museum, Tokyo; PS1-MoMA, NYC; Moving Image
 Gallery, NYC; Media Noche, NYC; HTTP Gallery, London; Postmaster's Gallery, 
NYC; Location One, NYC; Mejan Labs, Stockholm; Plato Sanat, Istanbul; Wood
 Street Gallery, Pittsburgh; and Walker Art Center, Minneapolis. His work
 has been awarded prizes and honorary mentions in various contexts, including Prix Ars 
Electronica, the Webby Awards, VIDA 4.0, the Biennial of Ibiza, the Web
 Biennial of Istanbul, etc. In 2011 his work was awarded first prize in the 
interactive division of the LÚMEN_EX Digital Art Awards. Deck lives and works in New York City.


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