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Whitney Kids Art Club:
David Hammons

Wed, Aug 11, 2021
4–5 pm

Online, via Zoom

For kids of all ages

Welcome to Whitney Kids Art Club! Join Whitney educators each week to complete a new artmaking project inspired by current exhibitions. Our programs aim to reach a neurodiverse audience with a wide range of learning styles and developmental stages. Tell a friend and join the club!

Day’s End is a permanent public art project by David Hammons, located in Hudson River Park directly across from the Whitney Museum. Hammons imagined an open structure that follows the exact outlines, shape, and scale of the Pier 52 shed that once stood in the same spot. Day’s End is like a big steel line drawing in space—it shimmers and changes with the light and the weather! The artwork is not illuminated at night, so it disappears into the darkness at the end of the day.

Together, we will learn how this monumental sculpture came to be. Then we will create our own line sculptures by “drawing” in space! 


  • Pencil and paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • A piece of cardboard
  • Building material options:
    • Bendable wire
    • String or yarn
    • Pipe cleaners or twist ties
    • Rubber bands
    • Shoelace, dental floss, or hair ties
    • Aluminum foil

This event will have automated closed captions through Zoom. Live captioning is available for public programs and events upon request with seven business days advance notice. We will make every effort to provide accommodation for requests made outside of that window of time. To place a request, please contact us at or (646) 666-5574 (voice). Relay and voice calls welcome.

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