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Spotlight Tour: Grant Wood and the Whitney’s Collection

Mar 21–May 16, 2018

Floor 5 and Floor 7

For Patron, Circle, Fellow, and Sponsor members

These thematic tours of current exhibitions Grant Wood: American Gothic and Other Fables and Where We Are: Selections from the Whitney’s Collection, 1900–1960 will explore how American artists addressed the upheavals and anxieties of the early twentieth century. During these decades, the United States experienced war and peace, economic collapse and recovery, social discord and progress. Where We Are traces key themes—family and community, work, and the nation—that also figure prominently in the retrospective of Grant Wood. His art presents reassuring images of American harmony and prosperity while simultaneously reflecting anxieties rooted in his personal experiences as an artist and repressed homosexual in the 1930s Midwest. Wood’s images speak both to the estrangement of modern life and to the complexities of nationhood. A light reception will follow the tour.

Active members at the Patron, Circle, Fellow, and Sponsor level are invited to register for one of these options:

Wednesday, March 21
Option 1: 6:45 pm
Option 2: 7:15 pm

Wednesday, April 25
Option 1: 6:45 pm
Option 2: 7:15 pm

Wednesday, May 16
Option 1: 6:45 pm
Option 2: 7:15 pm

Patron, Circle, Fellow, and Sponsor members are invited to this event. The invitation is for two individuals per membership household. Registration instructions will be provided by email. To join or upgrade, call (212) 570-3641.

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