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Harold Cohen (1 May 1928 – 27 April 2016) was a British-born artist who was noted as the creator of AARON, a computer program designed to produce paintings and drawings autonomously, which set it apart from previous programs. His work in the intersection of computer artificial intelligence and painting lead to exhibitions at many museums, including the Tate Gallery in London.

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Cohen began as an abstract painter. In the early 1960s he taught himself how to program computers, and subsequently developed a computer-programmed drawing machine. He worked in Stanford University’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory where he developed algorithms that allow a computer to draw lines with the appearance of freehand drawing, a system that he called Aaron. He exhibited works created with Aaron at the Tate Gallery, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and elsewhere.

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Artist, computer artist, painter

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Harold Cohen

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