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Senga Nengudi


Senga Nengudi (née Sue Irons; born September 18, 1943) is an African-American visual artist and curator. She is best known for her abstract sculptures that combine found objects and choreographed performance. She is part of a group of African-American avant-garde artists working in New York City and Los Angeles, from the 1960s and onward.

Nengudi was named the 2023 Nasher Prize Laureate for her contribution to the discipline of sculpture.

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Known for work that demands a response, with sculptures and performance pieces that give life to worn, discarded, and otherwise ordinary objects. Nylon stockings, probably Nengudi's best-known material, are at once playful, political, and symbolic.

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United States


Artist, installation artist, sculptor

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Senga Nengudi, Sue Irons

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