Jamel Shabazz


Jamel Shabazz (born 1960) is an African-American fashion, fine art, documentary and street style photographer. His work has been published in books, shown in exhibitions, and used in editorial magazine works. He was born in Brooklyn, New York.

Jamel Shabazz centered his work on minority people and areas of America during a very turbulent time in the country. He was a pioneer in creating awareness of the livelihoods of African-American and minority people in the dense New York City area. Jamel Shabazz was a master at using what was at his disposal to his advantage to create a realistic scene of being part of the black community in that time period and location. His works of art were created to express the joys and happiness that come along with growing up in the city. Jamel paints the minority poor class that lives therein a familiar and playful light that goes against many negative stereotypes people had at the time.

One of his more famous works is his photograph A Time of Innocence, taken in 1981 in Brooklyn, New York.This photograph depicted a group of young African American children playing and riding in a shopping cart in the midst of the chaotic street. This photograph caught a glimpse of the lives of the young black youth population and helped others see the bonds and community that they share.

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