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Jeremy Hight

Jeremy Hight is an artist and writer working with technology to explore issues and concepts that resonate equally in the sciences and the arts. Integrating narratives, unseen histories, and human interaction with city space and GPS, Jeremy collaborated with interactive software artists Naomi Spellman and Jeff Knowlton on the 2002 project 34N118W in downtown Los Angeles. The project won the grand jury prize at the AIM (Art in Motion) IV: Interference Patterns Festival of Time-based Media, 2003. Jeremy presented Narrative Archaeology at the Trace international symposium of technology and writing at the University of Nottingham Trent in July 2004. He presented his paper Narrative Archaeology: Reading the Landscape at the MIT 4: The Art of Stories conference. The conference was held May 6–8, 2005 at MIT, Cambridge, MA. He lives and works in Los Angeles.