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Christina McPhee

Christina McPhee is a multimedia artist whose digitally transformed landscapes mesh painterly, architectural and technological detail within an atmosphere of chiaroscuro and baroque complexity. She develops technologically nuanced topographies in net art, installation, performance, painting and photography. Her performances, video, and net art have been shown in exhibitions, festivals, and electronic media archives around the world, including Cybersonica/Convergence at the ICA New Media Center, London; California Museum of Photography; back_up/Lounge|lab at Bauhaus-University Weimar; Victoria Film Festival, Victoria, BC; FILE Sao Paulo, and Digital Arts and Culture at RMIT Melbourne. Her writing on phenomenology, trauma and memory in electronic art and architecture includes Net Baroque in Life in the Ruins: A CTheory Reader, edited by Marilouise and Arthur Kroker (2004) and Aphasia/Parrhesia for (2005).


Christina McPhee (born 1954, Los Angeles, California) is an American painter, new media and video artist. She lives on California's central coast and San Francisco, CA.

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