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Bucksbaum Award

Established in 2000 by longtime Whitney trustee Melva Bucksbaum and her family, the Bucksbaum Award is given in each Biennial year in recognition of an artist, chosen from those included in the Biennial, whose work demonstrates a singular combination of talent and imagination. The selected artist is considered by the jurors to have the potential to make a lasting impact on the history of American art, based on the excellence of their past work, as well as of their present work in the Biennial. The award is accompanied by a check for $100,000. 

Tiona Nekkia McClodden is the recipient of the 2019 Bucksbaum Award. McClodden was chosen from among the seventy-five artists whose works are being presented in the 2019 Whitney Biennial. In her interdisciplinary practice, McClodden utilizes documentary film, experimental video, sculpture, and sound installation to explore the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality.

Award Recipients

Tiona Nekkia McClodden

Born 1981, Blytheville, AR
Lives and works in Philadelphia, PA

David Breslin
Ryan N. Dennis
Rujeko Hockley
René Morales
Jane Panetta
Scott Rothkopf
Lumi Tan


Born 1955, Newark, NJ
Lives and works in Chicago, IL

Naomi Beckwith
Johanna Burton
Mary Ceruti
Christopher Y. Lew
Mia Locks
Scott Rothkopf
Adam D. Weinberg

Zoe Leonard

Born 1961, Liberty, NY
Lives and works in New York, NY

Michelle Kuo
Stuart Comer
Donna De Salvo
Anthony Elms
Michelle Grabner
Jay Sanders
Nancy Spector
Elisabeth Sussman
Adam D. Weinberg

Sarah Michelson

Born 1964, Manchester, England
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

Christophe Cherix
Donna De Salvo
Lia Gangitano
Branden Joseph
Jay Sanders
Elisabeth Sussman
Adam D. Weinberg

View Sarah Michelson’s Bucksbaum Award exhibition, 4

Michael Asher

Born 1943, Los Angeles, CA
Died 2012, Los Angeles, CA

Francesco Bonami
Donna De Salvo
Hou Hanru
Gary Carrion-Murayari
Yasmil Raymond
James Rondeau
Adam D. Weinberg

Omer Fast

Born 1972, Jerusalem
Lives and works in Berlin

Donna De Salvo
Anne Ellegood
Lauri Firstenberg
Henriette Huldisch
Shamim M. Momin
Franklin Sirmans
Adam D. Weinberg

View Omer Fast’s Bucksbaum Award exhibition, Nostalgia

Mark Bradford

Born 1961, Los Angeles, CA
Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA

Francesco Bonami
Donna De Salvo
Russell Ferguson
Chrissie Iles
Eungie Joo
Philippe Vergne
Adam D. Weinberg

View Mark Bradford’s Bucksbaum Award exhibition, Neither New Nor Correct: New Work by Mark Bradford

Raymond Pettibon

Born 1957, Tuscon, AZ
Lives and works in Hermosa Beach, CA

Elizabeth N. Armstrong
Richard Flood
Paul Ha
Chrissie Iles
Shamim M. Momin
Debra Singer
Adam D. Weinberg

Irit Batsry

Born 1957, Ramat Gan, Israel
Lives and works in New York, NY

Maxwell L. Anderson
Olukemi Ilesanmi
Linda Norden
Ann Philbin
Lawrence R. Rinder

Paul Pfeiffer

Born 1966, Honolulu, HI
Lives and works in New York, NY

Maxwell L. Anderson
Mary L. Beebe
Linda Pace
Lawrence R. Rinder
Hamza Walker

A Decade in Conversation: A Ten-Year Celebration of the Bucksbaum Award, 2000–2010
By Chrissie Iles, Christiane Paul, Carter E. Foster, and Tina Kukielski

Featuring conversations with Paul Pfeiffer, Irit Batsry, Raymond Pettibon, Mark Bradford, and Omer Fast, A Decade in Conversation presents fascinating details about the ways the first five Bucksbaum Award winners are shaping contemporary art today.

The excerpt available here includes interviews with Bradford and Fast, as well as a foreword by Adam D. Weinberg, and a statement from Melva Bucksbaum.

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