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Approaches to Abstraction: Women Artists 1930–1950 | Session 2

Jan 12, 2022

Inspired by the exhibition Labyrinth of Forms: Women and Abstraction, 1930–1950, this two-part course explores the ways that women artists contributed to the formal, technical, and conceptual evolution of abstract art. We will discuss the experimental and innovative works these artists created as well as the sexism they confronted and communities of support they formed. With a special focus on works on paper, the course offers participants an in-depth exploration into drawing and printmaking techniques while discussing the works of Lee Krasner, Louise Nevelson, June Wayne, and more. This session is held in the Whitney’s Sondra Gilman Study Center, which is devoted to the study of works on paper. 



A 30-second online art project:

Peter Burr, Sunshine Monument

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