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Independent Study Program 50th Anniversary Symposium: Day Two

This symposium celebrates the 50th anniversary of The Independent Study Program (ISP). Read more about the ISP and its history here.

Symposium Day Two, Saturday, October 20, 2018 

4:36 - Panel: Media and Its Apparatuses 

Anthony Cokes (1983–84)
Jonathan Crary*
LaToya Ruby Frazier (2010–11)
Laura Mulvey*
Ben Young (2000–01)
Moderator: Soyoung Yoon (2006–07) 

2:22:33 - Talk: Jennifer Gonzalez (1994–95) 

3:55:08 - Talk: Sharon Hayes (1999–2000) 

4:59:02 - Panel: Activism and Critique
David Harvey*
Chantal Mouffe*
Martha Rosler*
Gayatri Spivak*
Moderator: Cassandra Guan (2012–13)

*affiliated faculty Day



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LaTurbo Avedon, Morning Mirror / Evening Mirror

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