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Independent Study Program 50th Anniversary Symposium: Day One

This symposium celebrates the 50th anniversary of The Independent Study Program (ISP). Read more about the ISP and its history here.

Symposium Day One, Friday, October 19, 2018 

26:46 - Panel: (Re)constructing Histories 

Nora Alter*
Naomi Beckwith (2002–03)
Emily Jacir (1998–99)
Tom McDonough (1992–93)
Sadia Shirazi (2010–11)
Moderator: Kenneth White (2013–15) 

2:00:46 - Talk: Hal Foster 

3:47:45 - Panel: Institution and Its Discontents

Emily Apter*
Gregg Bordowitz (1985–86)
Eva Diaz (1998–99)
Mary Kelly*
Devin Kenny (2015–16)
Moderator: Trista Mallory (2011–12) 

5:55:30 - Talk: Johanna Burton 

6:57:17 - Panel: Pedagogy and Critical Practice *affiliated faculty



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LaTurbo Avedon, Morning Mirror / Evening Mirror

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