Aki Sasamoto: Donuts

Apr 23, 2013

In a Brooklyn coffee shop, 2010 artist Aki Sasamoto introduces some of the questions and concepts explored in her upcoming Whitney Biennial performance.

Aki Sasamoto: “See the idea is the human body is like a…chicka…umm…It’s much better if you guys speak English. I mean if you guys speak Japanese. Chicki-chicka. What is this food? Like, it’s this shape. It’s a fish-cake thing. It’s this shape. So the human body is like that. Tube basically. But if you flatten this, then it becomes the donut’s space really. So when I was kid, I had this recurring dream that—maybe it was at the time I was learning about digestive system. So I was this little strawberry or something, and I got eaten by myself, and I was swimming inside this tube. And the tube has all these like weird organs. That is really something that, actually, actually experiencing the inside of the body. So I’m just trying to figure out if that’s possible. Like if I’m given a donut, can I actually feel from inside-out…and usually I….but can I actually eat one from inside-out. That’s another question I have.”