Kate Gilmore: Shoe Shopping

July 28, 2015

In this video, 2010 artist Kate Gilmore shops for the shoes that she will wear while performing her Biennial work, Standing Here.

Kate Gilmore: “Christmas Season at Loehmann’s—which is a great time to go shopping. Ahh not at all. I’m going to buy my shoes. I have paint chip colors that I’m working with which will be the colors from the inside of the wall…”

Man: “What are they tickets to?”

Kate: “No they’re not, they’re color.”


Man: “Merry Christmas”

Kate: “Merry Christmas! There’s this column piece and so, it’s like 11 or 12 feet high, two walls of sheetrock and inside the two walls is this bright color, which you don’t see at first. And the video will either start with me busting from the outside, inside, or I’ll start from the bottom I haven’t totally figured it out yet. And then, so once I’m inside I’m going to figure out how to get 11, 12 feet in the air to turn the camera off or sort of exit the frame. So the entire structure is like a square and it’s smooth so you can’t climb it. So I’m going to kick and punch through the drywall, so there are these kinds of different ladder-type shapes- there’s like a skeleton in the column. So the skeleton will possibly act as a ladder. So when the video starts it looks like it’s an impossible task, and now that they sort of break things a new structure is constructed which will allow me to get out of the—knock on wood, I need some wood- allow me to get out of the column. So the shoes are important because they will allow me to stay on…”

Employee: “Hey, guys. You can’t do this.”

Kate: “So we’ve been kicked out of Loehmann’s, so we’re going to Filene’s”

Kate: “Those are cute. Maybe. They actually fit. They’re not bad. I would actually wear these in the world.”