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Paul McCarthy: Film List
July 11–Sept 28, 2008

Film has been an important inspiration for Paul McCarthy since the beginning of his career. McCarthy began making films as a student in the 1960s, and his current exhibition on the Whitney’s third floor includes two rare 16mm films screening for the first time in decades. Curated by Paul McCarthy, this film program provides an intriguing insight into the impact of cinema on his work.

The Program Includes Works By

Bas Jan Ader
Billy Adler
Nancy Angelo
John Armleder
Daniel Barber
Judith Barry
BDR Ensemble
Barton Patrick Bolin
Stan Brakhage
Michael Brewster
Nancy Buchanan
Chris Burden
Carole Caroompas
Center for Experimental Art
and Communication
Giuseppe Chiari
Co-Accident (Kirby Malone,
Chris Mason, Marshall
Reese, Alec Bernstein, and
Mitchell Pressman)
Bruce Conner
Beverly Conrad
Tony Conrad
Paul Cotton
Norma Jean Deak
Philippe Deléglise
Fernando Doty
Marcel Duchamp Bruce Fier
Morgan Fisher
Fox Jim presents the
Improvisers’ Orchestra
Galerie Ecart workshop
Jack Goldstein
Bill Gordh
Mary Harding
Victor Henderson
Douglas Huebler
Kipper Kids
Harry Kipper
Alison Knowles
Kurt Kren
Peter Kubelka
Leslie Labowitz
Maria Lassnig
Michael LeDonne-Bhennett
Les Levine
Gary Lloyd
Los Angeles Free Music Society
Sidney Lumet
John Malpede
Barry Markowitz
Raul Marroquin
Paul McCarthy
Sandra McKee
Jonas Mekas
Michael K. Meyers
Susan Mogul
The Monitors
Musica Veneris Nocturnus
Russ Myers
Maurizio Nannucci
Richard Newton
Hermann Nitsch
Pauline Oliveros
Pat O’Neill
Marc Pally
Bob Parks
Al Payne
The Poetics
Stuart Rapeport
Stan Rice
Jim Roche
Martha Rosler
Claude Rychner
Carolee Schneeman
Sam Schoenbaum
Stephen Seemayer
Andrea Shapiro
Sally Shapiro
T.J. Silverlake
Slash Magazine
Barbara T. Smith
Jack Smith
Michael Snow
Nina Sobell
Valie Export
Stan VanDerBeek
Paul Vangelisti
Ben Vautier Endre Tót
Andy Warhol
Lawrence Weiner
John White
Martha Wilson
Robert Wise

COVID-19 vaccination and face coverings are not required, but strongly recommended for all visitors. Plan your visit and review our visitor policies.



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