Abe Linkoln + Marisa Olson

January 2006

Blogs, like the Blues, have been credited with channeling “the voice of the people”, but do blogs adhere to any one set of characteristics that defines them as a genre? And how might blogs be understood as public spaces, in light of the time-based performances that take place there?

Selecting the postings that comprise the greatest “hits” of some of their favorite blogs, Abe Linkoln & Marisa Olson “sing the blogs” in order to address these questions. While Linkoln's posts speak to musical genres at large, Olson's posts seek to find harmony with specific models. Both question the status of the author's voice...

The whole “album” is presented as a form of reblog, in an effort to self-reflexively dive into the meme culture that is its subject. The artists' blog gets situated as the site of a happening, and their intention is to come back and continue depositing performative ephemera.

Linkoln & Olson frequently work in the blog format. Previous examples of their collaborative work include Universal Acid and Blog Art, and separate projects My Boyfriend Came Back from the War (Abe Linkoln's 2004 Blog Mix), Screenfull.net (Linkoln & Jimpunk), and Marisa's American Idol Audition Training Blog.


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Some of the linked sites related to this project are no longer online, but are available in the Internet Archive.

Gate Pages

Every month from March 2001 to February 2006 an artist was invited to present their work in the form of a “Gate Page” on artport. Each of these pages functioned as a portal to the artist's own sites and projects.

Wherever necessary and possible, these works are made functional through emulation and reconstructions from the Internet Archive. Not all of them have been restored to their original state and their conservation is ongoing. You can also view the original Gate Pages archive to see how they were presented at the time of their creation.


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