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Ken Perlin

January 2004

Ken Perlin sketches his thoughts and ideas as Java programs on the Web. He marvels that Leonardo Da Vinci's Lester Codex was recently presented in New York City as “science” at the Museum of Natural History, yet as “art” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: two cultures, divided by Central Park. He looks forward to the day when all children will grow up learning how to express their ideas procedurally, as a birthright of 21st century literacy. And show their source code. Ken lives in Manhattan, where he is on the faculty of the Courant Institute of New York University.

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Gate Pages

Every month from March 2001 to February 2006 an artist was invited to present their work in the form of a “Gate Page” on artport. Each of these pages functioned as a portal to the artist's own sites and projects.

Wherever necessary and possible, these works are made functional through emulation and reconstructions from the Internet Archive. Not all of them have been restored to their original state and their conservation is ongoing. You can also view the original Gate Pages archive to see how they were presented at the time of their creation.


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