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Mar 22–June 10, 2001

Nothing since the invention of photography has had a greater impact on artistic practice than the emergence of digital technologies. BitStreams is a provocative and stimulating presentation of contemporary art that harnesses digital media to achieve new dimensions of artistic expression through the transformation of images, space, data, and sound. The exhibition also illuminates the fascinating crossovers among media, as photography, film, video, installation, sculpture, and sound develop closer connections through their common use of digital software. Among the forty-nine artists included are: Jeremy Blake, Leah Gilliam, LOT/EK, Paul D. Miller (DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid), Jim O'Rourke, Paul Pfeiffer, Marina Rosenfeld, Elliott Sharp, Diana Thater, and Pamela Z.

In conjunction with BitStreams, Performance on 42nd presents Pulse, a series of four events featuring live performances intertwined with digital media.

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BitStreams is sponsored by Philip Morris Companies Inc.

Additional support has been provided by the Whitney Contemporaries of the Whitney Museum of American Art, the National Committee of the Whitney Museum of American Art, Christopher Vroom and Illya Szilak, Nettmedia, Zurich Capital Markets, and Instinet Corporation.

COVID-19 vaccination and face coverings are not required but strongly recommended. Book tickets in advance and review our visitor policies.



A 30-second online art project:
Sara Ludy, Tumbleweeds

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