Whitney Biennial 1995

Mar 23–June 4, 1995

The Whitney Biennial 1995 was curated by Klaus Kertess.

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“The show [. . .] is low key. It feels spacious and respectful: each work has room to breathe and a viewer has room to think, since the emphasis is on art that doesn’t harangue you with its message.” —The New York Times

“. . . with metaphor as its stated theme and beauty as its big idea, this biennial [. . .] may make a lot of friends.” —The New York Times

“. . . tolerant to a fault.” —The Washington Post

“. . . trying to be all things to all people, showing some political art and some abstract painting [. . .]. In politics and in everyday life, being conciliatory is an important virtue, but in art it leads towards eclecticism, which is boring.” —The Burlington Magazine

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